The Inhumanity Of Hate – Our Call To Action

The month of June, 2015. I am trying to sort out the common thread of current political and social issues we are facing on the front line. I am addressing these issues from a Christian perspective where I hope to diffuse the prevailing conservative fundamentalist thought. Christianity has been primarily responsible for these injustices of human rights throughout history. I hope to offer a voice that helps to merge these dividing lines. I am ashamed that in the name of God many people have been victims to injustice and abuse.This is not Christianity. This is not spirituality. This is religion. Religion is outdated superstitious law that caused so much bloodshed. Religion (almost universally) is enforced by those in power in an attempt to maintain, increase, or abuse their power over others. -Jake McWhirter (to read more of why Christianity is not religious, check out Jakes’s website).

Jesus was not religious. He was super cool and totally spiritual. I don’t do religion, but I do connect with the divine and try to live by the spirit.

Back to June, 2015. Stories of white police officers killing innocent African-Americans with no provocation. Innocent people being gunned down in their bible studies because of racial hatred. Civil rights in the forefront, from racial discrimination and violence to personal freedom to sexual identity and gender. The Confederate flag is finally being brought down. The rainbow flag is at full mast. There are so many people mourning and so many people celebrating simultaneously, many of them the same people. I am one of those people. I am mourning and celebrating. I am mourning injustice and hate, and celebrating freedom and equality.This is a month we will never forget, as it is a landmark beginning and ending that will forever alter history. We have a BIG job to do, as the unified tribe, to begin the journey of ending the hate and reinstating only pure love.

Are we not all equal in the eyes of God?

The stories of hate and the stories of love that pass down from generation to generation become the cloth we adorn ourselves in. Racism sewn from all kinds of thread. Passing statements like “those people are…different, bad, wrong… blah blah”, to obvious intentional hate and slander with expletives fill in the blank. Do we have the right to insult and assassinate the character of another human being? Perhaps we do, with the freedom of speech, but the prison of oppression we inhabit from this type of verbiage is anything but freeing for anyone. The language of love and acceptance frees both the speaker and those who are spoken of.

What have we been taught?

From subtle viewpoints to inherited belief systems (religion), we pass on what we know and what we have been taught. We pass on our opinions, right and wrong. We can’t help it. Our children succumb to the quiet whispers of separation spoken from our mouths and realised in our actions. Separatist thinking suffocates the soul. Hope of grace, love and fellowship fades. When we look down on another we forfeit our compassion. During this momentous month of June, same-sex marriage became legal across all of the USA. This is an act of love and an act to love through legislation. And couples are now rejoicing this win. This is beautiful, liberating and important. No matter what someone’s personal views on homosexuality are, as human beings they have a right to have love and give love. We have been living with social injustice and inequality for generations throughout many centuries.

Why is that?

Why do we feel so threatened by someone different from ourselves? We actually have more similarities than differences, when we choose to see them. We are all human beings with feelings, longings, dreams, goals, ambitions, pain and suffering.
My heart breaks for my fellows in Charleston, South Carolina. My heart breaks for the families of the victims. My heart breaks from feeling the sting of hate. My heart breaks for the decline of human compassion. But my heart swells in love as it breaks. My heart grows from this pain. My heart acknowledges the horrific tragedy and becomes softened in compassion. My heart grows in understanding and willingness to try to find common ground and conversation where the healing can start. My heart is eager to see what this will do to transform the human conditioning of hate. Our hearts must heal and change, never returning to these barbarian ways.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Luke 6:31

I am no expert on politics or scripture, so please forgive my simplified viewpoint. We are meant to love unconditionally, whether we think of someone as the enemy or not. We are meant to love beyond those who love us. It is speaking of performing an action, it is not passive. Do unto others. Doesn’t that unequivocally give us a responsibility to act? Jesus presents us with A CALL TO ACTION. You do not need to be a Christian to understand that this is a very clear request to have compassion for others. A moral code that benefits human kind. That’s what I’m hearing.

But wait a minute, I already do enough…

I remember fundraising for the World Wildlife Federation in my early teens canvassing around neighbourhoods. I noticed a particular attitude as I approached many front doors. When asked if they would like to help a particular cause or another or another, I got back “We already do enough.” Really? If it wasn’t happening in our own backyard, it didn’t matter whether the issues were environmental, political, racial or moral. We were unaffected. The over all attitude was that if it doesn’t directly affect me, I really don’t care. Apathy at its worst. Even if it doesn’t directly affect us, we are meant to care and act accordingly. I don’t think we can turn away from the glaring social, civil and environmental issues we are all facing in this current time in history. Now that it’s in our backyards, perhaps we will pay attention and do more than just enough.

He himself is our peace, who has made the two one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility. Ephesians 2:14

I write in the spirit of inclusiveness, and non judgement. I write about the injustice done to multitudes of people. I take a risk at being judged. I do not like religion. I love God. The house of God dwells inside our compassionate hearts. I keep my eyes focused on the goal. I see that there should be no division between us. There should be no hostility between us. We should have no barriers between us. We should be in peace and at peace together. Because we have been given the gift of compassion, there is no room for divide. There are no laws and regulations regarding peace and love. The law is love, the law is peace. In this we have freedom and are one together. Undivided! Oneness!

My Brothers & Sisters and Our Hearts Call To Action.

So to my brothers and sisters in every city, I love you, I feel you, and I understand. I know we have so much in common. I know there is more we have alike then different. No matter where we are from, or what we do, or what colour our skin is, or who we choose to love, we are alike. We all have suffering. We all have longings. We all need love. We all want to give love. We all are seeking truth. We all want to know the reason for our existence. We are all sons and daughters.

So as I try to sort out my feelings on all of this, I review this heck of a month, and this heck of a life. We’ve been on a long and tumultuous roller-coaster ride. There has been a lot of pushing dirt uphill, and a lot of trying to carry the grand piano alone. But we actually are in this together. We get to look inward at our motives and review how we treat each other. We have a responsibility to our brothers and sisters and future generations to break the patterns of prejudice. We must begin to heal our own hearts, so we can dwell in peace.

It begins here in my living room, as I ponder my heart. It begins in this conversation over a cup of coffee or breaking of bread. It begins in the actions I choose to take every day with my eyes fixed upon what we are building together. It begins with an open honest discussion where I have failed you at times, where I was believing a lie of separateness. It begins with ONE HEART. I’ll start with mine, you start with yours, and I’ll meet you here.



I Don’t Talk Politics Or Religion…Or Do I?

Politics, Religion, War, Poverty, Injustice, Greed, Apathy, Abuse, Corruption, Closed-mindedness, Fear, Consumerism, Wastefulness, Separation, Denial, Suicide.

Maurice Sendak’s Classic, Where The Wild Things Are

Those words reflect a sad view of the human condition. What has this world come to? What have humans evolved into? Wilder beasts than the scariest of stories.

“The night Max wore his wolf suit and made mischief of one kind and another.”

To summarise Maurice Sendak’s wonderful classic story, Max’s mother thought Max was being a naughty boy. After going to bed without his supper, Max found himself in a dream like state, where he witnessed wilder beasts than himself, and at some point after teeth gnashing and terrible roars from the Wild Things, with great courage, he asked them to “Be Still!” Max became respected as the most Wild Thing of all. He became the King of the Wild Things. Yet, this sense of purpose was not what he truly wanted in his deepest heart. He only wanted to be accepted, and had the realisation that  his yearning for acceptance was not born out of respect from intimidation and fear, but out of pure, unconditional love. “Max, the King of all Wild Things was lonely and wanted to be where someone loved him best of all.”

All of those words at the top of the page represent the human condition of not feeling loveable enough, not being good enough, not feeling a part of anything, not feeling important enough, therefore leading us to places and beliefs and ways of life that only lead us to the exact state of being that we don’t want, and that we abhor in others, and ourselves, like Max.

If I read that top list of characteristics, I get a nasty feeling in my gut. Surely I am not like that. Surely I am the exception to this malady of humankind. In some ways, perhaps. I don’t start wars, I try not to be greedy, I am aware of what I’m purchasing at the shops, I recycle, I try to self evaluate so that I am not in denial, I am kind to others, and I help old ladies in the shops if they can’t reach something or read a label on a soup can. So, I’m all good, right?

I stay away from politics, and I believe in God, but from a spiritual centred place, not in a “rules and regulations thou shalt not” kinda way. Yet I feel that I am meant to speak about these things that I apparently have nothing in common with.

Mainly, I don’t want you to think badly of me, because I really care about what you think. I don’t want to be judged, because, believe me, I learned a long time ago how to judge you. I was taught early on how to stand in a position of defence … Yet I say I am not a believer in War. So how come I have placed myself in the middle of a war, just by caring too much what you think of me? Obviously this is an individualistic, singular perspective of the internal war, the internal battlefield,  as opposed to the “big time blow ’em up” war involving countries, or even the world at large. What’s the difference?

Is there a difference in the wars we create, and the battles we personally face on a daily basis, and the world’s act of war?

Because I care so much about what you think of me, it can tear me up inside, it can lead to other ailments besides a defensive stance, it can lead to the biggest of all human dilemma, FEAR.

Fear is what drives all of these conditions. Politics thrives on instilling fear into the public at large, making false promises to keep us safe from the bad guys, pointing out who the bad guys are, meaning that we are somehow the good guys. Who gets to decide that? Again, we are judging a whole people from a black and white perspective of good and bad, right and wrong, just because they live somewhere else, and wear different clothes, and build different temples or mosques or churches. So there we are, involved in politics, judging the world based on some fundamental beliefs systems that make us right, and them wrong.
Old School Organised Religion (O.S.O.R. I just made that up!)  has given God a really bad rap over the years as well, because of the authoritarian perspective of separation, of alienation, of original sin (as if we are all bad inherently, and just have to try to become less bad. This is a really flawed theory I think, and only feeds the sickness of the soul we grow to have from our separation from our fellows), of bad and good, and mainly because of the reflection many pose as doing God’s work, in the name of God, as they kill anyone who is not agreeing with them. That is not an act of God, that is an act of man, of MAN IN FEAR.
I am not a politician, and I am not a preacher, and I am not a war monger, but I am a human being. I get to play whatever role in this tragedy, or comedy or masterpiece that I choose… That depends on me. I don’t want to try to get into the politics of the world, I don’t want to try to begin to talk about religion, but I do feel that I can talk about the human condition, because I do qualify for that. As we all do.
So, I am guilty of having greed, I can get into thinking of myself too much, and I can lose focus on the important things when I get wrapped up in what I want, and what I don’t have. We know that the world is still suffering greatly with millions of people in need of basic life essentials and it’s easy to remove this from our awareness when we get busy in our lives, and like a horse with blinders, we sometimes only see whats in our own back yard. The first step for change from where I sit today, is to see that the greed of one culture, is creating and perpetuating the poverty of another. That does not sound “fair” to me, as equal lives on this globe, we all deserve the basic human rights of food and water. So, I get to think about that, and feel that, and see what responsibility I have in all of it.Then I get to act accordingly.
When I can see that we are all the “same” in that we are all unique, individually beautiful creations, then I feel more able to see you, and be able to help you. We are all a part of the tribe of humanity. When I get out of myself and stop focusing on whether or not you are judging me, as I judge you judging me, then I can get in a place of complete love with you. I can feel the connection we share, the life that we both bring, and then can have fascination by the different views you may have to mine. It’s refreshing, and often illuminating and life altering.

So I choose to be open-minded, I choose to be empathic, I choose to be compassionate, I choose to be giving, I choose to be caring, I choose to be proactive, I choose to be a warrior for light and love, justice and equality.

I don’t want to commit slow soul suicide, which is death in itself. I want to make a difference in this world. I want to help this planet be a little better and brighter because of me. I am writing this as all of us. The “I” in this story is Us. Together, united, healing the planet in one smile, one step, one decision, one surrender at a time.

Purpose… 5 Questions That Need Answering

Can I help any of you? Do I have something, anything to offer from what seems like an ordinary life? Don’t we all want to feel that we have something valuable to give? I believe so.

No matter where we have been, or what we have done, or how insignificant we feel at times, we all have more than something to give. We have ourselves to give.

Perhaps your gift to the world was laid out in very obvious fashion early in life. Perhaps you were always exceptionally talented, exception being the focus word. Maybe you have glaring talents and gifts, and your life has just fallen into place in the most extraordinary way.. Or maybe not.

There are you out there where this has been the case. And you ran with it. And you have been blessed. Does that mean that all of the others do not have exceptional gifts? I don’t think so. I believe we all do.

I was taught early on that life was a struggle. It’s hard. You have to work really hard, and then maybe things will work out, or at least you will be able to get by. This didn’t make me very enthusiastic about my “lot” in life. Work hard, struggle, and maybe you will be ok. This was not a very motivating prospect to me… Sounds down right painful and pointless.

I do agree with it though, in certain ways… But I believe the focus was wrong. I agree that life is hard. Yes there will be struggle for all of us at times. But where was the part of the story where I knew that it was all with a deeper meaning, and that the work I would do would be able to change lives? Touch someone. Help someone in need. Be fulfilled not by how much praise I received, but by how I could see the tiny miracles daily by how I chose to live. So again, it was all back to perspective. What angle was I approaching life from?

When I approach life as what I can get out of it, I suffer greatly. It is like the dangled carrot that is always out of reach, and I am starving and my appetite in insatiable. This is so flawed, and would inevitably always lead me to discomfort, resentment, unfulfilled life and emptiness…. So why bother working hard…..

Work is not a bad word. Again I was approaching life’s tasks from the wrong angle.

We have hands that can write, build, create, touch. We have minds that can think, ponder, problem solve, equate. We have emotions that can engage, open hearts, and heal. We have a spirit that is limitless and perfect in its entirety.

So how do you use your gifts?

Are you one of the few whose talent is  so obvious that there is no question to who you are and what you are meant to do? That’s awesome if so… Can you see how you may be able to give even more than just the obvious?

Do you realize that it still takes a heck of a lot of work even with your enormous talent potential? Are you willing to do the work?

Can you differentiate between your dreams and fantasy? Fantasy can lead us astray in thinking we have a gift that has nothing to do with our real talents. Sort out which is which, because if you are chasing fantasy then that is only a self-serving motive, and will never be a true calling for you. I’m sure we have all had a few of those (I guess I’m not meant to be a professional skateboarder after all!)

Do you see the value in the smallest acts of kindness?  The person whose job is to help the elderly, and do the thankless tasks are such gifts to humanity. The guy who decides to pick up litter he sees at the park, the volunteers all around the world sacrificing their time and their lives. There is no such thing as a small gift. A gift cannot be measured. Whether you help one person, or a million, every act of selfless giving is an unmeasurable gift!

So maybe we can dig deeper to ask what can I do today to bring my gifts to the world? This may be in work, in family, with a stranger, every moment of exchange has potential for a life changing moment. We never know what is right around the corner when we come into our lives from a heart centred place.

If you are feeling that your job identifies you, than think again. It’s not your job that identifies who you are, it is your integrity and action that you live by that tells us who you are. It may be that your day-to-day job does change lives in a huge way, or perhaps in a small way, but it all comes back to motives…. What are you living this life for? To make ends meet? Or to change the world?

Music does not identify me. My motives and actions identify who I am.

I believe if our approach shifts to how we are microcosmically affecting the world in our every action, and take responsibility that if what we are doing does not match our morals or ethics and change what we are doing to serve the greater good,  then our needs will always be met, at the very least. And your spirit will be rewarded exponentially, and the world will be a better place because of you. There is nothing insignificant about your life. You are the gift. Live it.

Asking Questions, Getting Answers

Choices, choices, choices. We all have them all the time, at every corner. No matter where you live, or your particular situation, you have choices. First thing in the morning we get to decide how to start the day by choosing  how we want to think and feel and act to make the most of what we have.
I am one of those people who freak out on having to make decisions sometimes, I can picture each scenario as clearly as I can, and I can get myself all worked up to what choice to make. It’s because I know the power in what I choose, leads to action, which leads to other choices, and each variable can lead to other unknowns. The unknowns are the scary part for me, because no matter how hard I try to analyse the decisions and all the variations of it, I know that there is a lot that I cannot predict. There is a lot of choice making that I need to have some sort of faith to make, and to feel at peace with.
In my past, I fell victim to my choices, like a pinball in the game of life. Just blindly hit and see where it lands. That was when I was reacting, not choosing. That’s when I was leaving everything to chance, and not having any real insight into where my choices may lead. Making choices this way did not serve me well. It inevitably put me in situations that weren’t good for me, and often I didn’t have enough understanding of myself to figure a way out of them either. So, the chips would fall where they may.
When I make choices based on heart, I know that I can be at peace with them, no matter how difficult the choices may be. No one ever promised that I would live a pain-free life if I followed my true heart, I was just promised peace of mind by knowing that my decisions were based on higher objectives. In fact, the choices I make that are from a heart centre, are usually not easy, they are not always what I think I want, because what I think I want is usually filled with only a singular self objective, and this doesn’t serve the planet, or myself in the long run.
If I make decisions that are based on selfish motives, then no matter what, other selves will be hurt. That seems like karmic law. I have responsibility to choose right thinking and right action.

My Feet Follow when I Listen

Whether you believe in a Higher Power, or God, or the Universe, or your Conscience, you have that little quiet voice that can guide you to right choices. When you are making a decision, if you ask a yes/ no question, usually your gut will give you the answer, whether you choose to follow this direction or not, again a choice. A good technique for this is muscle testing – read more here from Christie Marie Sheldon’s  blog “Love or Above.“. The yes/ no questions are helpful in learning to listen to your innate wisdom, your highest self. This technique has been a wonderful tool for me to use when I am spinning with questions and scenarios and variables to a question or decision that needs to be made. I learn to sit quietly for just a moment, asking for insight into the answer I need. I ask for strength to listen. I breathe deeply, and fill my heart centre with love and light, and I ask. Usually a “yes” will fill me with a sense of lightness, of calm, even if the answer is not what my “self” wants to hear. A “no” usually fills me with a heavy feeling, where I can tell that on a cellular level I know it’s a “NO!”
And, then comes the fun part. I get to decide whether to follow my inner hearts wisdom or not. It’s like advise from a loving parent, nurturing and kind, yet not always what I want to hear. When I do follow this wisdom, I am blessed and rewarded with clarity and peace. When I can feel that the answer was directed from Source, and I act accordingly, I feel stronger in knowing that I chose the right path.
One of the main points of focus I have found helpful, is to be sure of what question I am really asking. That sometimes takes a bit of sorting out. Many times what I thought I needed to resolve was not question I really needed answering.When I  get down to the real crux of the matter, I receive real answers.
So as simple as “what should I have for brekky” to “what should I do with my life” all can be answered for us when we are patient, directed, and willing to listen for the answers. Today, let’s  make the choice to listen for the answers, and act accordingly.

My heart leads, and my feet follow.

One Pair Of Stilettos

I  Really Love Clothes!

So I decided to go through my closet today, and purge a few things that I don’t ever wear. It is a funny thing, because I buy clothing sometimes based on what I want , i.e.,  I fantasize scenarios where I may wear a certain outfit, or dress, or shoes, yet it has no real purpose in my life as it is. Why would I need 5 pairs of stilettos when I live in a little village in the hills? Maybe one pair?  Maybe….

There was a time in my life where these would have been appropriate and even necessary, in Los Angeles when I was in the music industry and was going out 5 out of 7 nights, but now?

Not really..

So, I am waffling because I am making a point. I used to have a need for these shoes, but they don’t serve my life now.

But wait, I also purchased them because I was projecting what I wish I had, the fantasy of being swept away in the private jet for a luncheon in Paris. Would you call that manifesting? Hum…

It all depends on what is really important, and for me to remember the importance in my life. It is so easy to want for things that I do not have, especially when I see consumerism all around me, and I had the lifestyle that supported that mentality for many years in LA.

But the bottom line is why do I want these things?

I see that my life is full. I have everything I need, and on a good day, I am content with what I have, and I have gratitude. On other days, I am wanting for more.


So as I sort through my confrontational closet of fantastic clothes, I can see and feel each item as it represents longings I have. These clothes are the ones I am getting rid of, because they serve no purpose in my life as it is. They are only reflections of where I must feel inadequate, where I feel that my life is not enough, not exciting enough, not grand enough, a basic “lack mentality” looking outside of myself to fill the void that I hold internally.

So, as I sort and purge, I am responding to the emotions that are coming from seeing concrete examples of where I feel insufficient.

It is very revealing (not unlike a few skimpy tops that I am parting with!)

I come to a few understandings in myself.

I realise that I lose perspective on my life, and I look to the wrong direction to gain it. My perspective must come from inside myself, as a grounded understanding and self-appreciation/ self-love.

I see that I fill the voids with consumerism, whether it is to mask what is going on inside of myself, or to gain compliments from external sources.

I know that when I am in that place of looking for distraction, I need to check in with my heart, and find the source of my discomfort.

I know that the more I avoid peering into the glass window of my soul, the longer I will stay in that pain.

I know that I have tools to do the work needed to gain clarity back, and gain back my perspective and joy of everyday living.

I enjoyed the feeling of being proactive in checking in with my heart.

I knew it was time to get into my spirit and body centre by doing some yoga and meditation.

I remembered that when I feel self-doubt or am just running on selfish desire, I can take a step back and do something nice for someone else. Getting out of my own way by engaging in selfless tasks and deeds is a fantastic way to align my heart.

I remembered to not take myself too seriously, that life is fun and beautiful and a gift every single day!

I remembered to have gratitude for what I do have, and the gifts that I am given.

I can feel good today from having taken some time to look at areas of my life where I have been “stuck” in my thinking. That is a gift to myself that lasts longer than the latest fashions on the rack.

So, first things first. I got rid of the “old” so I could make room for my “new” attitude of appreciation. My closet is more spacious, I listened to my heart, and I now have room for the important things in my life.

And I kept one pair of stilettos… Just in case.



How To Manifest Anything By Trusting Your Heart

IMG_5716Sleeping in on a Sunday is not the norm for me. I wake up with 50 things floating in my brain, planning, adding, questioning, wanting to make today better than yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, yesterday was fine. I had a nice day, nothing overly spectacular, but a nice day that doesn’t warrant any complaints. But today, I wake up wanting a better day. This is a common and familiar place for me, as I often review my life and look at what I can do to manifest what I want to see in it. Most of what I see is that it is easy to see what I don’t have (lack mentality), what outside obstacles are in place that seem to stop me in my tracks. Obstacles like finances, “if I could buy that thing, then I could get somewhere,” for instance.IMG_5409
I find excuses are the number one obstacle for my success. There are excuses for everything and anything in this life that hold me back from achieving my dreams, but why?
I am wanting to touch on finding out the “why” I create obstacles? The obstacles generally come from a few factors:

1. Not believing in myself enough to begin the manifestation.

2. Being off track with what I want, thinking that something is what I need or want that will not ever truly serve anyone.

3. Having the vision so far out of sight that I lose momentum.
From my experience, when I have fully believed was capable of doing something, it happens. Not instantly, but it does happen. That is how manifesting has worked for me in the past, before I knew to call it manifesting. Believe me, I know it works, as I proved to myself many times in my past by accidentally manifesting something that didn’t work for me, something that wouldn’t serve myself or others, yet I believed it would, it was often misguided. It has been an amazing journey of discovery, seeing how powerful manifestation can be. It is fair to say that we need to be “careful of what we wish for”, as it really is a truism. So, best that we manifest things that really serve us and our fellows.
To begin manifesting, I form a vision of what I want, and then I take daily steps to accomplish that vision. It is simple, yet so easy to forget.
The vision needs to be incredibly clear, detailed and sure. It also needs to be aligned with divine law, so if my vision was something that doesn’t serve others, or is somehow misguided in what is truly already in me, then it is not to be manifested.  So, in looking to my heart centre, I need to ask questions before making requests…
Will this goal/ dream serve others and serve the planet on a whole?
Is this goal/dream aligned with my spirits gifts?
Is this goal clear, focused and sure, or will it fade or wilt with time?
Am I misguided in thinking that I want this goal/dream, and it isn’t really a goal I need to set?
Is this dream realistic, albeit a huge dream?
When I answer these questions, and I am clear to what this goal/ dream is, other questions arise:
What can I do today to start manifesting this dream?
What small goals can I set to eventually reach my bigger goal?
What tools will I need to start the process of realising this particular goal/dream?

IMG_4497I jot these ideas and answers down on paper, with the big dream goal at the top.
I stay focused on this goal, and appreciate the small baby steps of progress daily, which keeps me from getting discouraged.
I allow myself to really enjoy the journey of achievement, instead of only focusing on the end result.

The main realisation with manifesting is that it is a journey. Manifesting is an active, flowing system that is on a continuum, It is not static or fixed, so with it comes excitement, and the unknown.
Manifesting means to allow the variables to exist as it is happening, because none of us know exactly how this is going to happen, the mystery is part of the fun!
Remember to have No Ceiling on your dreams, dream BIG, and then let the Universe do the rest.
Have faith and a belief in the dream, and it is more than possible.
By trusting your heart, you are manifesting your possibilities, gifting you your love filled awesome abundant life.



What Am I Scared Of?

IMG_0949I’ve been in a wrestling match for years, right in the middle of an MMA ring….And I can’t win the match! But I keep jumping back in, swinging fists, with no proper skills to actually win, and no insight into the fact that I could just remove myself, surrender to the fight…. Surrender is Key. It is not my fight to fight. Time to take this moment to actually get out of the ring….

What am I scared of? Success? Intimacy? Fear of fear? Fear of failure? The list in endless….It can change depending on what is going on in life, and seems dependant on my emotional “head space”. When I am sailing smoothly, I have less fear. When my life feels organised, I have less fear, when everything around me is going well, I seem to have LESS FEAR.

That is the answer, my sense of well-being is completely dependant on outside circumstances, which is why there is no way to actually overcome fear, as outside circumstances change CONSTANTLY!

So, now what?

Well… I think the answer is in the question ” NOW” and “WHAT?” Isn’t that really up to me to answer?

What action can I do NOW that is completely my choice?

 What is really happening RIGHT NOW, in this instant?

When I get into that space of really being PRESENT for exactly what is going on in this instant, I am not able to spiral out of control in fear – because at any given moment, if I am conscious, alive, breathing, and in my body, mind, heart and spirit, I do KNOW some things are true! I do know that when I think of my future goals, dreams, and anxieties, they are all projected fears, because they are the UNKNOWN. I assume I’m not alone in that.

I’ve witnessed many of us clinging to future goals and plans, 5 year plans, college for the kids, retirement, taking care of older parents, buying that jet plane or boat, those types of things that are a part of designing and manifesting our ideal lives, that is all ok as long as there is perspective on the fact that we still need to surrender control of certain things.

No matter what we plan and how carefully we do so, there will be variables. These variables are what can lead to fear and insecurity as a feeling of LOSS OF CONTROL. No one I know likes feeling out of control completely, as it is a very unsettling feeling, but it also has many variants and layers.
Jumping out of an airplane, do you have control of all variables, not really, and yet this “loss of control” is exhilarating to some, and frightening to others, because “the jump” depicts TRUE SURRENDER, TRUE FAITH, and TRULY being in that PRESENT moment, not thinking of the past or future, just breathing in the air from microsecond to microsecond….
Perhaps when we truly allow ourselves to be out of control (not trying to predict variables, and fixing everything in our power to fix) we finally surrender to the now and fear dissipates.

Letting go of control = Letting go of fear.

One foot in front of the other, doing the next action that needs to be done, and leaving the results alone. Enjoy the flight, stay present, and LET GO.