Our Beautiful Mind


The mind is a wonderful tool if used correctly, but also can cause much anguish and pain if not balanced. For me it has, in the past, led me to make many wrong choices, has deceived me into believing things that were simply not true, has been the sabotaging and manipulating tool most often used in very convincing ways. On the other hand, my mind has also helped me to excel in areas that I wouldn’t have even believed I could, from getting a Master’s Degree, to becoming a Master cellist able to memorise 45 minute long concertos.

The mind is very powerful, in both positive and negative ways. 

But I knew for myself, that I was allowing my mind to dictate when and if it was being constructive, or destructive. I had no control over it. That chaos had to stop, and I wasn’t sure how to stop it! I was tired of being the victim of the minds endless lists and chatter, and I really got to a point of being absolutely worn out by the insanity of the mental war zone I was living in. 

My mind could not be balanced without checking in with how my body, emotions and Spirit were doing. They all react and relate to each other.  I find I’m gaining more understanding of how the mind works, giving me freedom to explore the endless possibilities I have in my reach! 


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