Our Emotional Heart


Emotions can be very tricky, literally. They toy with you, play games, and even lie to you. I have many times in my life, run away from emotions, tried to hide from them, only to have them surface stronger and usually with layers of association and projections. The more I ran away from feelings, the more they contorted into unhealthy “outlooks”, even becoming belief systems and opinions that were birthed out of fear of being hurt.. So, the running away only fed the isolation associated with the feelings, which were really only my heart’s yearning to be heard, understood and vulnerable.

Vulnerability is challenging, though, because it also requires RISK. The risk of real vulnerability, is  opening your heart…to REAL JOY, REAL LOVE, REAL CONNECTIONIMG_5210

Projected fears based in illusion, living with a closed heart, emotional baggage, ignored shadow elements, keeps one in a dulled place, unable to truly have heightened experiences in any area of their lives.

I am still LEARNING every day how to be willing and open and present from my heart and for my heart, especially the painful stuff. We all know that the shadow elements are ICKY, but I try to welcome them now, because I have seen results, and I DIDN’T DIE from looking at them! In the balance work I have been doing on myself, I have been integrating many tools and resources in my daily life. I open my heart with prayer, and practicing loving- kindness meditations,  looking daily at how to be of service to others, which is growing the heart centre, that we all share.

Let’s grow our hearts to the hugest, biggest, most bursting at the seams size!!! Love is Limitless!




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