Our Physical Self


The Body… Our physical self. What we eat, what we take into our bodies, what we do with our bodies, how we move, how much we move, treating our bodies as temples to hold our mind, heart and Spirit, is the first area that requires balancing. We really need our bodies to be in our optimum shape to be able to enjoy life to the fullest with all the wonderment to be had! There is so much in this life to be grateful for, and to be inspired by, so let’s feel great as we commit to being healthy physically!

I have always had issues around my physical self, spanning from negative body image, to addictive and unhealthy habits, to just plain neglect of some vital rules for overall health and wellbeing. So, I knew straight off the bat that I needed some help in balancing and integrating my physical self. But how to do this without becoming obsessive and overly result oriented?

Firstly, I chose to focus body awareness as opposed to body image. Body transformation to witness my body from the INSIDE first. Looking at food choices, mindful meal times, getting a moderate amount of exercise daily, getting enough restorative sleep, and enjoying the experience and journey of taking care of my body and feeling the benefits.

Instead of obsessing with calorie counting and measurements, or needing validation from outside of myself, and by choosing to not keep up with every trend and fashion phase, I am learning to relax into my optimum body self that sustains life and gives me freedom.

By the way, I still love chocolate and indulge in moderation!





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