Our Spirit

“Our Spirit”…. So where should we start?

I have always been a seeker of truth, a wanderer, on the quest for understanding.I really did always want to have a solid answer, I really needed to find it. I went to churches, temples, been in many groups of spiritualists, have had intensive yoga training, meditation retreats, hung out with hippies and Hare Krishna’s, and all of it was wonderful, and I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything.

I still practice a lot of what I found through all of this, and am glad I have had such a wide array of spiritual experiences to draw from. I am glad I didn’t close off to experimenting with my spirituality, as it really gave me great perspective, and helped me to realise what the truth is FOR ME. If I lived like a horse with blinders, scared to see something that I wasn’t sure of, then I would have no perspective, or information to base my understanding on. I believe we all have our journey, and each and every one of us is so beautifully and perfectly unique, that I am never going to try to teach someone else what I know can only be found from a personal perspective, from personal experience, and there is no right or wrong way to find God. I just know “he” will meet us here, meet us where we are.

So, Lets put this in perspective. I believe that we all have all the answers we need, and if we don’t think we do, all we have to do is ask for them, in earnest. I am also so grateful for what that I learn from other people, as they are the illumination and reflection of what I need at any given moment.

So, Spirit is in us, around us, of us. Spirit Is Us. So how do we dwell as Spirit inIMG_0799 our material form? I believe it is in the delicate practice of balance, balance being a word I was terrified of (even repulsed by for a long time)! Now, I have surrendered to the fact that my life is a gazillion times better with a touch of balance in it! Who Knew?

We need our mind to be clear when delving into spiritual realms, we need our body to be vital and clear to be the best vehicle for Spirit to flow through, and we need to have our emotions in check to avoid over emotionalism and delusions of grandeur that can happen from being off-balance.


What I see as the bottom line. Wherever you are on your journey is exactly where you are (duh), and exactly where you need to be. It is perfect….. Our Spirit is way bigger than our finite selves, and it has much in store for us all as we journey on this beautiful path to divinity….

Blessings abound!


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