How Yoga Quiets My Crazy Brain

I really needed to get into my body today. Believe me, I did..

On any average day, I get up early, and do a “sit”, (meditate) with binaural beats, (Profound Meditation Program from John Dupuy at iAwake is a life altering jam), and then tap into my body before I even really speak to the outside world. Well, that is an ideal  morning, as it gets me focused to feeling balanced, and I travel more smoothly if I get that quiet time for my body, mind, heart and spirit. No matter what by my first breath in the morning, my mind is going Full Speed Ahead! It can yank me out of bed chatting all kinds of spread sheets to philosophies to transmissions to meal planners, which lends itself to being a huge motivator to get straight into meditation and yoga first up.

It doesn’t always go to plan that way, though, as life, schedule, kids, blogs, (excuses, basically) can delay this for me, or even cause me to miss out completely!

Finding My Centre- Headstand
Finding My Centre:Headstand

Today was one of those mornings. But with no real excuse, except I was just excited and focused on writing. I was doing a semi-committed yogic breath “Pranayama” practice while writing, but I hadn’t done anything else for my body or heart space. So obviously the connecting links between my Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit had not been properly tended to as of yet.

It seem easy to “forget” about this delicate balance until something reminds us. My morning played out in the way that it did with just that.

I received a phone call from a blocked number.

It caught me off guard.

It triggered a reaction filled with anxiety and tension. I tend to dramatise and overreact easily if I feel out of control or put on the spot, and I was, and I did. (Please don’t call me a Drama Queen, I might just answer!)

So, a no brainer, I knew that tension filled my body. My muscles tightened, my heart constricted and palpitated. My mind began to race with worrying thoughts (none of which were realistic) and my heart space (my emotional body) felt scared, unsure, not in its power of embracing life/ love. I knew that I needed to get the Four Awakenings ignited, and in BALANCE.

I regained my personal power by getting straight on my mat, positioned in Downward Dog, breathing deeply, finding my centre, and flowed through some Vinyasa Yoga (check out Shiva Rae) that brought me to a calm yet empowered place in myself. After a short but grounding session, I sat for 20 minutes to meditate. I finished my meditation feeling soothed, strong, centred, calm, in control (of myself which is ALL I can control) and with a great deal of perspective about the truly insignificant phone call that really only served as a reminder that I am responsible for my happiness, my own calm, and my own awesome life.

I hope this offers some insight into how important it is to seek balance of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. When these are in balance, we are more of our genuine self, we can handle situations easier, we can flow through life with more ease and grace with the gift of awareness.

Feel free to ask any questions that may come to you, they are always welcome….

Namaste and Love On!