Asking Questions, Getting Answers

Choices, choices, choices. We all have them all the time, at every corner. No matter where you live, or your particular situation, you have choices. First thing in the morning we get to decide how to start the day by choosing  how we want to think and feel and act to make the most of what we have.
I am one of those people who freak out on having to make decisions sometimes, I can picture each scenario as clearly as I can, and I can get myself all worked up to what choice to make. It’s because I know the power in what I choose, leads to action, which leads to other choices, and each variable can lead to other unknowns. The unknowns are the scary part for me, because no matter how hard I try to analyse the decisions and all the variations of it, I know that there is a lot that I cannot predict. There is a lot of choice making that I need to have some sort of faith to make, and to feel at peace with.
In my past, I fell victim to my choices, like a pinball in the game of life. Just blindly hit and see where it lands. That was when I was reacting, not choosing. That’s when I was leaving everything to chance, and not having any real insight into where my choices may lead. Making choices this way did not serve me well. It inevitably put me in situations that weren’t good for me, and often I didn’t have enough understanding of myself to figure a way out of them either. So, the chips would fall where they may.
When I make choices based on heart, I know that I can be at peace with them, no matter how difficult the choices may be. No one ever promised that I would live a pain-free life if I followed my true heart, I was just promised peace of mind by knowing that my decisions were based on higher objectives. In fact, the choices I make that are from a heart centre, are usually not easy, they are not always what I think I want, because what I think I want is usually filled with only a singular self objective, and this doesn’t serve the planet, or myself in the long run.
If I make decisions that are based on selfish motives, then no matter what, other selves will be hurt. That seems like karmic law. I have responsibility to choose right thinking and right action.

My Feet Follow when I Listen

Whether you believe in a Higher Power, or God, or the Universe, or your Conscience, you have that little quiet voice that can guide you to right choices. When you are making a decision, if you ask a yes/ no question, usually your gut will give you the answer, whether you choose to follow this direction or not, again a choice. A good technique for this is muscle testing – read more here from Christie Marie Sheldon’s  blog “Love or Above.“. The yes/ no questions are helpful in learning to listen to your innate wisdom, your highest self. This technique has been a wonderful tool for me to use when I am spinning with questions and scenarios and variables to a question or decision that needs to be made. I learn to sit quietly for just a moment, asking for insight into the answer I need. I ask for strength to listen. I breathe deeply, and fill my heart centre with love and light, and I ask. Usually a “yes” will fill me with a sense of lightness, of calm, even if the answer is not what my “self” wants to hear. A “no” usually fills me with a heavy feeling, where I can tell that on a cellular level I know it’s a “NO!”
And, then comes the fun part. I get to decide whether to follow my inner hearts wisdom or not. It’s like advise from a loving parent, nurturing and kind, yet not always what I want to hear. When I do follow this wisdom, I am blessed and rewarded with clarity and peace. When I can feel that the answer was directed from Source, and I act accordingly, I feel stronger in knowing that I chose the right path.
One of the main points of focus I have found helpful, is to be sure of what question I am really asking. That sometimes takes a bit of sorting out. Many times what I thought I needed to resolve was not question I really needed answering.When I  get down to the real crux of the matter, I receive real answers.
So as simple as “what should I have for brekky” to “what should I do with my life” all can be answered for us when we are patient, directed, and willing to listen for the answers. Today, let’s  make the choice to listen for the answers, and act accordingly.

My heart leads, and my feet follow.