How To Manifest Anything By Trusting Your Heart

IMG_5716Sleeping in on a Sunday is not the norm for me. I wake up with 50 things floating in my brain, planning, adding, questioning, wanting to make today better than yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, yesterday was fine. I had a nice day, nothing overly spectacular, but a nice day that doesn’t warrant any complaints. But today, I wake up wanting a better day. This is a common and familiar place for me, as I often review my life and look at what I can do to manifest what I want to see in it. Most of what I see is that it is easy to see what I don’t have (lack mentality), what outside obstacles are in place that seem to stop me in my tracks. Obstacles like finances, “if I could buy that thing, then I could get somewhere,” for instance.IMG_5409
I find excuses are the number one obstacle for my success. There are excuses for everything and anything in this life that hold me back from achieving my dreams, but why?
I am wanting to touch on finding out the “why” I create obstacles? The obstacles generally come from a few factors:

1. Not believing in myself enough to begin the manifestation.

2. Being off track with what I want, thinking that something is what I need or want that will not ever truly serve anyone.

3. Having the vision so far out of sight that I lose momentum.
From my experience, when I have fully believed was capable of doing something, it happens. Not instantly, but it does happen. That is how manifesting has worked for me in the past, before I knew to call it manifesting. Believe me, I know it works, as I proved to myself many times in my past by accidentally manifesting something that didn’t work for me, something that wouldn’t serve myself or others, yet I believed it would, it was often misguided. It has been an amazing journey of discovery, seeing how powerful manifestation can be. It is fair to say that we need to be “careful of what we wish for”, as it really is a truism. So, best that we manifest things that really serve us and our fellows.
To begin manifesting, I form a vision of what I want, and then I take daily steps to accomplish that vision. It is simple, yet so easy to forget.
The vision needs to be incredibly clear, detailed and sure. It also needs to be aligned with divine law, so if my vision was something that doesn’t serve others, or is somehow misguided in what is truly already in me, then it is not to be manifested.  So, in looking to my heart centre, I need to ask questions before making requests…
Will this goal/ dream serve others and serve the planet on a whole?
Is this goal/dream aligned with my spirits gifts?
Is this goal clear, focused and sure, or will it fade or wilt with time?
Am I misguided in thinking that I want this goal/dream, and it isn’t really a goal I need to set?
Is this dream realistic, albeit a huge dream?
When I answer these questions, and I am clear to what this goal/ dream is, other questions arise:
What can I do today to start manifesting this dream?
What small goals can I set to eventually reach my bigger goal?
What tools will I need to start the process of realising this particular goal/dream?

IMG_4497I jot these ideas and answers down on paper, with the big dream goal at the top.
I stay focused on this goal, and appreciate the small baby steps of progress daily, which keeps me from getting discouraged.
I allow myself to really enjoy the journey of achievement, instead of only focusing on the end result.

The main realisation with manifesting is that it is a journey. Manifesting is an active, flowing system that is on a continuum, It is not static or fixed, so with it comes excitement, and the unknown.
Manifesting means to allow the variables to exist as it is happening, because none of us know exactly how this is going to happen, the mystery is part of the fun!
Remember to have No Ceiling on your dreams, dream BIG, and then let the Universe do the rest.
Have faith and a belief in the dream, and it is more than possible.
By trusting your heart, you are manifesting your possibilities, gifting you your love filled awesome abundant life.