The Awakening Dream

I am inspired in my life by God the Creator, all of Creation, and the Creative Spirit inside all of us. I embrace the lessons, the struggles and the triumphs that being human requires of us…  It is all good, and…

It ALL matters..


I was awakened in my sleep as happens quite often, and I was given these words. I don’t personally like putting things out for the world to see. I am a bumbling mess of a human when I act alone and am not following direction from the Holy Spirit, and I also wouldn’t dare risk being ridiculed or criticised. That is how I exist when I am not following God. When I am tapped into Spirit, I am courageous to share what has been graciously given to me. I know it is to serve the highest calling. This was the dream and the wake up call as to how we are to live This Awesome Life:

“Truly Awake- A Gift of Awakened Sobriety.”

It neatly laid out 4 levels of Awakening, which then proceeded to explain the connection between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of one’s being, and the interconnectedness of them. It states ” To understand and get past any addiction, or obstacle in your life, look closely at each moment with guidance from God, and check in with yourself to get in balance.

I was told to be excited and enthusiastic about the awakening of my Spirit, and to help others on their quest to becoming awake.

God has given us all these seeds to plant, which are our gifts, and we are meant to grow into our ultimate destiny! This is promised to you.

Join me in my quest of being tuned into listening to that still, small voice within, to finding peace in a chaotic world, connecting with the infinite, being awe filled, and witnessing grace working in our lives. Through the grace of God we all will be awakened into the most beautiful dream in all of time.

The beautiful Littlies
The beautiful Littlies Love On!


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